Thursday, 5 September 2013

Children and Creativity ;-)

I've been really disappointed... for quite some time!

Rarely do I teach children who can actually write creatively. 

Once in a blue moon, a child who really can

write well, comes along; the pen flows across the page and hey presto!

I am transported to a place, away from my desk, 

simply because of that particular child's imagination.

However, that is very rare and it hasn't happened for quite some time!

I find it so very sad. ;-(

I often think back to my days as a young teacher, where we taught

'project style'... enthusiasm was rife and creativity was 

in abundance...well in my classroom it certainly was!

My 7 year olds (or top infants as we called them)

 could write the most amazing stories!

Nowadays, children seem to have any suggestion of creativity

sucked from them. Even the majority of 10 year olds who come to me for

11+ tutoring, cannot write creatively and that's a fact.

GCSE pupils struggle to write essays.

Why is this, do you think?

Well, I think it is a combination of many things, including

the fact that nowadays there is far too much teaching to the test;

children are given far too much access to TV screens, iPads etc etc, at home; 

teachers are maybe not as imaginative as they once were;

the curriculum is overloaded etc etc etc.

Here's  the most wonderful talk, to which all teachers and parents should listen!

I listen to this talk, every now and's good to revisit!

I'm also reading this and thoroughly recommend it.

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