Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stin, flods, splaw and words of that sort!! Grrrrrrrr!!!

And so... a third of six year olds are struggling to read!

We know this because a new govt screening test says so...

so this must be true!!   ( Hmmm I lied!)

Here's an example of the type of test that the children might be given:

Well, as a teacher of English and an expert in teaching children to read

 write and spell ...words fail me!!

If that's the best that the govt can come up with, then it's a pretty poor show

and quite frankly.... RUBBISH!!

And if I was a parent of any child who has supposedly 'failed'

such a test, I would take little notice of it.

I use assessment tests in my work and I am 100% sure that they

give a much better guide to children's reading attainment

 than this ridiculous and absurd 'new' test.

Better that the govt had spent the money investing

 in reading resources for infant classrooms than to come up with this tripe.

Any experienced teacher will tell you that to test a child

at such a young age will usually give inaccurate results anyway.

Quite frankly, this new test is laughable!!

To read the article in The Independent

                                                                           Click here

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