Saturday, 18 January 2014

Political football.

‘Sir Michael said the main reason why teachers quit, was the lack of discipline in the classroom - for which they had not been adequately trained to deal with.’

I think that this man is deluded and has his head in the sand!
There are MANY reasons why young teachers are quitting!

Oh for goodness sake…why doesn’t someone stand up and speak
the truth! Education is merely a political football, made worse since, ‘Only one ‘f’ in Ofsted’  was introduced, over 20 years ago, along with Sats ( for SATs, read 'a waste of time!') league tables ( for league tables, read, 'a waste of time!')

Whoever is in govt ( as in those MPs who need NO qualification at all but who can, suddenly, become an ‘expert’ in Education, Policing, name it, they are experts…NOT!!)
So what do they do? They ‘chuck a test at it’ or ‘think about lengthening the school day’ or  ‘send in Ofsted!’
They try to cure something, without thinking about how to prevent it in the first place! Idiots!!  Absolute idiots! It’s not just Mr Gove…it’s whichever political party is in power!  20+ years of constant meddling, fiddling and messing about with something about which they know so little!! I despair!

As someone said in the comments page of the article:

’ I have a revolutionary idea: Why not get back to the old ways of professional autonomy when teachers were not dictated to and micromanaged by Quislings in jackboots and their party political masters? Give teaching back to the teachers.’

Well said!
You will never EVER get the best out of teachers whilst, you have so many restrictions in place. Is it hardly surprising that so many teachers quit the profession and less and less people wish to enter it?

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