Thursday, 13 March 2014

Scruffy teachers!

Many teachers will be up in arms today, their answer being, 

’ What I wear doesn’t make a blind bit of difference to the way that I teach,’

That might be absolutely true but those teachers are missing the point…completely!

Teachers are supposed to be role models.
They are the people who have most contact with pupils throughout the year. They should set an example in how to behave, how to conduct oneself and how to dress. They are helping to prepare children and young people, for life and to take a pride in EVERY aspect of their lives. It’s all about taking a pride. That surely has to start with looking at yourself and your appearance. If you can’t be bothered with that then why will you be bothered with expecting high standards in the classroom, in other areas, for instance, classroom tidiness, classroom displays, classroom discipline. If you’re going to dumb down on appearance then that will lead to dumbing down on all sorts of other everyday things. That’s what I think.

Personally, I think that the erosion of dress standards, over the years, is much to do with many teachers wanting to be the children’s ‘friend’. Not good! It’s doing the children a massive dis-service and not only that, showing them total disrespect.

Looking at the picture of that scruffy devil at a Camden school, I thought, ‘You want to be treated as a professional person but you certainly don’t want to dress like one.’

For me, the clue is in the word, 'professional'!

I’ve never thought much of Ofsted but I’m with them on this one. ;-)

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