Saturday, 29 March 2014

Skills for writing.

I get excited when I receive new resources...yes, quite excited

 ...but with no-one to share my excitement!

A private tutor's life can be quite lonely...the staff room buzz

is least in my staff room it is!

Coffee time is a riot...not!

Anyway, I've been waiting for quite some time

to receive this resource, in the hope that it really is a little different

and will help my KS3 children to improve their writing.

Debra Myhill is the Director of the Centre for Research

in Writing. She is also the Subject leader for Secondary English.

She and her team have been working on this resource, which is

now finally published.

She says:

'... my commitment is to the bringing together of teaching, teacher education and research so that children and young people‘s experience of learning to be literate enables them to be confident, articulate citizens of the future, able to use language and literature for personal fulfilment and economic well-being.'

I have huge issues with the way that children write and so

I am really longing to get my teeth into this resource in the hope that I can

help my older pupils achieve better things!

Fingers crossed!!


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