Sunday, 21 July 2013


Nick Clegg's latest, looney idea is to rank children, aged 11, 

in order to boost primary school standards!

Oh yeah...that'll do it Nick!! (Like heck it will!)

Here is a man who has: 

 NO qualified teacher status; NO experience of teaching in a primary school


What is with governments? 

So obsessed with tests and tables, someone ought to have sued the lot of them

by now!

Because, they have , after all, deprived our children

( and our country's future) by not allowing a fit and proper education.

All of that time being spent teaching for tests...what a dreadful waste!!

Criminal, if you ask me!

Children are already graded and ranked enough...and anyway, dear Nick,

you have obviously not considered that if your plan was to go

ahead, there would always be someone who is bottom in the rankings..ALWAYS!

That means a lot of children throughout the country being BOTTOM!!

Total and utter madness.

It's about time that the government engaged its brain and

started to address the real cause of low standards

in many schools.

Click here to read all about it, if you haven't already done so:


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