Monday, 1 July 2013

The Happy Trio Reading Scheme ! ;-)

Stand aside 'Janet and John' !

Here's a page from the Happy Trio Reading Scheme.

And these were the books which I used

 in my very first teaching job!

Published by Wheaton (of Exeter), in the late 1950s / early 1960s,

 these books introduced Dick, Jane, Sally, 

Spot, Puff etc etc.

The family was...well you know...idyllic!!

You were transported into a perfect world of...


I didn't have a problem with using these books in my classroom;

 in fact I quite liked them and they probably suited

 the children who lived in the area where I taught.

They must have done...

 because we turned out many excellent readers

and thus it was a real dilemna when the headmaster

came to me and said :

'We have to move with the times!'

Dick, Jane, Sally etc were banished to 'goodness knows where'...

but only after we had all trooped to the Reading Centre

at the appropriately named, Reading!

 Here, we spent a day looking at a number of reading schemes 

and listening to the experts of the day...

Cliff Moon and Diana Bentley.

How I wish I'd kept some of these Happy Trio books...

they are quite sought after, nowadays!

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