Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hearing children read! (Amongst other things!)

Well, it's a big day today as the government announces the new National Curriculum.

Here is the framework document in all its glory...

I need a week off to read and inwardly digest!

Obviously, I will be paying special attention to the teaching of English at all key stages.

However, I have massive issues with one topic in particular...and that is

the hearing of reading at KS1 and KS2.

Personally, I believe that hearing children read should be TOP priority.

As a classroom teacher, I would always hear my children read, daily.

I don't believe in all this, 'But there isn't time to do that!'

That's rubbish and there IS time if you make it top priority.

I always did.... and believe me it pays dividends!

As a private tutor, I hear my pupils read whenever they come for lessons.

So many of them tell me that they never read to anyone or if they do

it is very infrequently!

I am simply appalled by this.

I also read to children... and with children.


More about this next time...I have 220+ pages to read!


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