Sunday, 28 July 2013

That old Austen debate! ;-)

I have never enjoyed reading Jane Austen!

It must run in the family!! ;-)

She obviously has a place in English Literature but her books have never

gripped me and in all honesty, I think she is rather over- rated.

Shock horror!!

Having said that, she wrote about the society which she observed at the time

and that plays an important part in our history.

However, it seems to me that certain people have this 'thing' about

Austen, when it comes to our country's 'greats'; she always has

to be there in the mix and is never allowed to move aside and give

 others the chance!

I believe that to be a rather narrow way of thinking.

Apologies to any Austen lovers, but,

personally, I think that there have been many equally good writers,

if not better writers!

But each to their own.

So, I wouldn't have chosen Jane Austen to appear on our

bank notes.

Furthermore, had I been asked to find a quote to go with

her picture, I certainly would have done my research!

The bank of England haven't!!

It has taken a quote completely out of context, without even

giving it thought!

Anyone who has read 'Pride and Prejudice',

knows the irony of such a quote!

It was Caroline Bingley who uttered this

in the novel and she didn't mean a word of it!!!

She just fancied Darcy

and pretended to share his love of books....just know!!

( Hmmm...I suppose, wouldn't anyone

if he was a dishy as Colin Firth?!!)

So now, we'll regularly have Jane Austen in our purses and wallets!!

What do you think?

Right or wrong?

Answers on a £10 note, please and forward to me!


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